Today has been better. Today, actual breathing is happening-for both of us.

Our pastor encouraged us to share this load-to spread out the weight that we’ve been carrying among more friends and family. Maybe child-raising isn’t the only thing that takes a village. 

When I heard this suggestion, my soul un-clenched itself just a little bit. Yes. This is what we need. It’s hard to entrust this big of a battle into the hands of others, to be that vulnerable with something this painful, but the other choice is just more sickness, more darkness, and less hope. And Lord God, you know what we do NOT need is less hope. 

So we will step out on that limb and hope that the next time it breaks, there will be some arms to soften the fall. And just maybe, we can be that for others, too. Because what good is this pain if God does not use it to make us a blessing to someone else?


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