The more I tell our story (more the depression parts than anything else), the more I hear stories that are so heart-breakingly like ours. Someone else’s husband deals with ever-present anxiety. Another’s father, despite being a successful entrepreneur with a beautiful family, suffers sometimes months-long spells of depression, even with medication. A young mother has to stop taking her anxiety medication, and live with un-tamed, debilitating fear because she is pregnant with #3. 

These illnesses are everywhere. This evil is everywhere. It is stealing lives and joy and health. It pisses me off.

What I will say next may piss some other people off, but really, I don’t care: If you don’t believe there is a Satan, that he is as real as the hair on your head, you are a fool. Who or what else can cause such illness and death? Who or what else could be responsible for the complete absence of hope and light that characterizes this disease?

He is the creator of lies, and this illness spits out lie after lie after lie. “You’re no good, you’re a failure. This is all you’ll ever be-a loser who can’t get out of bed and will never get better. Just stop trying already.” And that’s the G-rated version. This illness reeks of his evil. 

That bastard will not win this. No f-ing way. 


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