I only post when it’s bad. Sorry.


Spoiler alert: I’m a little drunk right now, because it’s been THAT kind of day. I normally eat a fairly (okay-semi) vegan diet (plus a little cheese and a donut here and there), but today I have eaten a Snickers bar, Flaming Hot Cheetos, two quesadillas, and Famous Amos cookies.

I’m on a bender.

This is what happens when my Mother in Law falsely accuses my husband for the UPTEENTH time of stealing a bunch of money, on a day he already feels like shit. This is what I do when I watch my husband struggle with the will to live while his own father won’t PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE to offer encouragement. No, that’s beneath him. He delegates that job to my husband’s cousin. Because his father can’t be bothered. This is also what happens when my brother in law calls my husband’s anguish “dramatic” and makes it clear that his brother’s depression is inconvenient for him. Fuck him.

Did I mention I’m a bit drunk? Honestly, I’m impressed that this is as articulate as it is.

Thank the Lord for Pinot Noir, Cabernet, vending machines,  and Gossip Girl on Netflix. I’m all about product placement. Without these distractions, I’d be a mess.

Oh. Wait.

For those who actually read this, if you are a father, BE A FATHER. Unconditionally. No matter how uncomfortable it makes you or how inconvenient it may be. If someone in your family has any form of mental illness, just LOVE THEM. Do not add to the pain. Please. I plead with you.

Happy Monday, Folks.


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